About Jean Patrique

It all started in 1998, with a small kitchenware order for family and friends. They loved the products so much that one of them decided to make a larger order and try selling to friends of friends. It was a success and a business idea became a reality.

Fast forward 20 years and we now sell over 450 products and have over 500,000 happy customers.

We're able to sell world class products at sensible prices because we don’t use importers, distributors or retailers.

We have developed close relationships with manufacturers and through multiple iterations of product engineering, have designed our beautiful kitchenware.

We know that not everything we create turns out as planned. We welcome and listen to customer feedback to change, improve, and sometimes even discontinue our products.

What we care about

We use only high quality and sustainably sourced materials to ensure that all our products last long into the future (check out some of the reviews from our customers who bought our products in the 90s). We ditch extra plastic, unnecessary packaging, and ensure our entire supply chain matches our values.
Do you even know what goes into your takeaway box? Excessive amounts of oils, fats, salts and sugars to create an illusion of flavour. No thank you! We believe that part of the joy and pride of cooking is knowing exactly what’s on your plate. Some  cookware companies have taken shortcuts and use materials that have proven to be toxic. Not us.
The chefs of today
(and tomorrow)
We have a tremendous amount of respect for people who build their careers around food. We proudly support cooking schools, apprenticeships and chefs of tomorrow. Whether in your kitchen at home, a busy cooking school, or a sold out restaurant, Jean Patrique gear stands up to the test.
Jean Patrique cooks!
We don't just sell our products, we cook with them too! We love making recipes and sharing them (visit our Insta). At 
Jean Patrique, we're definitely also the customers. Want us to cook your favourite meal? Let us knowSeriously.
At Jean Patrique, we love and enjoy every aspect of what we do. We’re always looking for like minded, crazy, food obsessed individuals so if that sounds like you, get in touch at careers@jean-patrique.co.uk

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