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Lovely pan that you can use on the hob and transfer straight to oven. Perfect size when cooking for one.

Fantastic Pan

Love this Pan. It’s so easy to use and cooks anything. Love being able to put in the oven after the initial cooking on hob. Use it most days.

Ceramic Frying Pan Set

These bio Supreme ceramics frying pan set is fantastic as nothing will stick to them. Another Best Buy from Jean Patrique


Lovely pan, I enjoy using it and very easy to clean. The one thing I don’t like is how hot the handles get, keep forgetting and then burn my fingers. Perhaps small silicon holders would be useful. Other than that, perfect.

Good useful pan

I used it for the first time today for a traybake and it performed well. I had to sear the meat in it on the hob first and then added the vegetables and baked in the oven. All a success - it is going to be a useful pan.

Brilliant knife

This is absolutely fine for my veggies.

The Perfect Pan

I have spent a long time looking for a versatile pan and at last I have found it.
The perfect size, excellent finish, easy to clean, I love it!

Excellent pan

Very happy with the pan. Used it lots already. If I have 1 issue it's the handles become red hot very quickly so do. 0lease be careful.

Great Knife Set

Great knives. Razor sharp. I would highly recommend.

Carving knife

I am so pleased with my carving knife, my next purchase will be a bread knife.

Excellent quality knives

Having used the knives a few times now, I have to say that they are of excellent quality and extremely sharp. Highly recommended.


Found these good but you would need 2 to work well

Great cheeseboard

Great little cheeseboard fantastic value for money and great for any occasion.

Gained it’s stripes

Great pan, very good heat distribution. I am always weary when people leave great reviews but i honestly can’t fault the product. I would highly recommend to anybody thinking about it

just what was needed

for months my wife had been using the bread knife to peel and chop up vegetables causing the knife edge to become dull and blunt. Tried to tell her to use correct tools ( some hope ). I decided to get a new knife as i eat a lot of french bread and needed a knife that is sharp. This is a great sharp bread knife well balanced and do not have to deform my bread to cut it. the handle is a continuation of the blade, so no more water getting trapped and no loose rivets to contend with. thankfully my wife does not use it ( yet )

The whatever pan

I adore this pan. With it's ability to go from hob to oven including the lid means less washing up. It's super non-stick and not too heavy. Would most certainly recommend!!!

Brill pan very versatile I love it

Birthday present for life...

My wife and I bought a 14 piece professional knife set 20? years ago, and it is still as good as the day we bought it... so we thought it would be an ideal gift for my elder son as it would last, and last, and last.
Shame the block doesn't have the Jean Patrique name on it; as ours does.
Chris and Liz


This carving fork is great. Jyst right size and looks classy

Decent griddle but

Good: works well a griddle
Not so good
Could be deeper and, for me, larger
Handles get very hot even when using on the stovetop dilling hole in handles for cooling or decoupling from the body would help

Great pan

Its a great pan for any meat dish or fish and the lid prevents spitting and splashing.
easy to clean

Griddle pan

Absolutely love it! So versatile and doesn't dry the meat out even though I like it well done. Brilliant addition to the kitchen.