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Thermometer and spatula

Very useful, it will even give you the temperature of the kitchen as well as the food that you are testing.

Fit for purpose.

Great weight for chopping, comes as sharp as a razor, which proves a great edge can be achieved, slices tomatoes effortlessly, as well as meat. Dishwasher friendly. Top of knife is around 3mm thick, so is handy for pressing on. All in one design means it gets washed properly, very happy with this knife! Highly recommended!


super, pan oven hob whatever does the job!!

Great Product

Arrived really quickly and works a treat!

love it

this cooks really well
on the hob and is so versatile . only wish the lid was oven proof but that doesn’t detract from the overall product as i bought this to use mainly on hob

Great all-purpose pan

Very versatile and easy to use, s quality product


Fed up of using more than one pan when I could have had just one....and now I have. Sturdy, good size and I’m happy!! :)

The whatever Pan

Top quality cooking pan. Found it same as described on the website. 5 stars and highly recommended.

The whatever pan

The whatever pan is my go to pan every time I cook . I would 100% recommend this item, in fact I can't imagine life without it , completly non stick and soooooo easy to clean

A Cut Above

Just purchased a set of five of these knives and considering the price I was sceptical regarding the other purchaser’s comments. All true...... cracking knives with a keen edge

Very useful knife

I had been looking for a nice peeler/fruit knife for a while. This peeler knife is excellent and does the job it was designed and created for.


Definitely worth the money food cooked lovely
Would recommend

good pan

good pan light and useful, cleans up well

Great product

Absolutely love this pan its got so many uses would definitely recommend recommend

Super barbecue

A fantastic set of tools for brilliant present and was much appreciated.

Aluminium griddle pan

Very useful addition to my pan collection as it can go in the oven as well as be used on the hob.


Great container that looks the part

Excellent Book

Great choice of recipes. Bought to send to my family in Australia as they are very interested in this type of thing and do a lot of entertaining.

Frying pan.

This is a good solid pan and is very well made and finished. The heat distribution is very good and holds its heat well. It is a very good product and well worth the money. A very good buy.

My new Whatever Pan

Bought this recently and think it's the best pan ever. Brilliant on the hob and then easy an light to transfer to the oven.
Wonderfully versatile and an ideal size.
Everyone should have one !!

Great item

Since getting my pan I can't stop using it. Great for chicken or to just do bacon love that I can use it in the oven as well

First time Jean Patrique

As title says this is my first time using these knives as I’ve never heard of them but decided to try them as my knives are getting on a bit and have found these to be well balanced and the design is ergonomic that fits my hand comfortably I will in time replace my other knives as and when needed


A pan that can used for most things - exactly what is required for our motorhome that has limited storage space.


Love it to keep my bathroom nice and clean and sparkling ✨

Great all rounder

I am thrilled to have a pan that I can use for everything ,anything,anywhere.
Really pleased with the product and the service.